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上海Java用户组 | Java User Group: Shanghai (China)

You have found the official JUG for Shanghai and surrounding area.

As a group we are eager to exchange experience, knowledge & theories with everybody who shares our passion and loves discussing on a warm summer night.

Our long-term goal is to infect many more around us and use our bundled creativity, visions & efforts to create something truly great (maybe even by coding).

Intermediate goal of this page is to be there if someone looks for us:

  • If you are enthusiastic about Java, JVM based technologies or the JVM itself and happen to be in/around Shanghai: Join us!
  • If you are passionate about coding and food, and happen to be in/around Shanghai: Join us at least for dinner!
  • If you search for advice or support on Java/JVM/OSGi/Scala/Mobile/Embedded/Distributed/Concurrent/Service or Component oriented architectures, development & technologies: Contact us (maybe also for dinner)!

How to Join Us

Until we have deployed more advanced methods, you can simply contact us personally:

  • Carsten Schipke (,
  • Dominiek Pouwer (

Regulars Table

We are currently looking for a location in Shanghai to connect interested parties on a monthly regulars' table.

If you have any suggestions or simply would like to join, please subscribe to our mailing list or contact us directly:

  • Carsten Schipke (,
  • Dominiek Pouwer (

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